allowing the music to play

Lateral audio stands LAS-1 and LAS-4 are designed and developed to allow the music to play...

Audio stands play a vital role in the musical quality of your audio system by providing a quality platform and allowing your audio components to perform. A Lateral audio stand will influence the sound much the same as an excellent source component or cable.

Lateral audio stands are made from oak frames, aluminium machined components and other developed materials
which have been chosen and designed to absorb vibrational energy. High-end audio components achieve excellence by using substantial vibration limiting structures and materials, therefore the design of an audio stand must be equally excellent in it's micro-vibrational behaviour. 
  The design of the audio surface upon which the player or amplifier sits, and it's connection to the audio stand plays a primary role, and both the LAS-1 and the LAS-4 have audio surfaces which are supported symmetrically by a 4-point contact system, which is unique in it's design.
We believe this is the right way to support the audio surface which isolates and reduces the vibrational energy reaching the audio mechanisms in turntables, CD players and the electronics carefully crafted within digital devices.

These principles are why a Lateral audio stand should be at the heart of your audio system,
so that you can enjoy the music whatever component you place upon it...

Product details



high performance audio stand

oak frames and aluminium structure
low resonance design
rigid and tensionable isolation system
cone isolated oak audio surfaces
LAS-1 technical details
oak and aluminium framework
width- 560
height- 520
depth- 445
audio surface size- 480(w) x 350 (d)
opening sizes- 470(w) x 145(h)

2 surfaces £1295 inc VAT
3 surfaces £1595 inc VAT


 performance audio stand

oak frame
rigid and tensionable isolation system
cone isolated oak audio surfaces

LAS-4 technical details
oak framework with aluminium contacts
width- 580
height- 520
depth- 405
audio surface size- 480(w) x 350(d)
opening sizes- 490(w) x 150(h)

2 surfaces - £695 inc VAT
3 surfaces - £795 inc VAT


additional surface kits for LAS-1 and LAS-4

isolation cone kit 

large audio surface kit per level for LAS-1

Please contact LATERAL audio stands if you would like to purchase a product or if you would like to know more. If you have any specific requirements we would pleased to hear them.