The LAS-AV is a continuation of the LAS-4 series, with the same unique structure and design with premium materials used throughout.
It was important that an AV design maintained the performance of the LAS-4 range. It has a 100% open front design for full component access and visually clean lines, with technical features that make this possible.

DCP platforms can be added in every component position on the AV1140.

Image shows- LAS-AV 1140 shown with optional DCP Concert platform and LAS-Counterpoint feet sets.

Available widths
AV980 (please contact your dealer)

HC 'heavy capacity' - 50Kg components (please contact your dealer)
Black Satin
No logo
LAS-Counterpoint feet set

Upgrade Options:
DCP Concert platform

For sizes and weight capacity please refer to the product diagram

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