LAS-CC Contact Component
LAS-CC provides an absolute and very low energy contact for audio components, enabling the highest performance.

From our research it was clear that the highest performance levels are achieved when LAS-CC are used alongisde a performance audio stand, where the audio stand is the foundation and priority in a system.

Alternatively LAS-CC can achieve a significant performance step up for key audio components earlier in your audio journey, or where a performance audio stand may not be possible.

Primarliy for use in the most performance sensitive areas of your audio sysytem, CD player/transport, streamer, and pre-amplifier's.

There is a balance of sound to LAS-CC, and this was developed with extensive listening, both here and with a number of reference systems at respected high end dealers in the UK and the US.

Dimensions: 32mm height , 38mm diameter
Supplied in sets of 3 or 4 - weight capacity 60 Kg and 80 Kg respectively

LAS-CF Contact Floor
LAS-CF provides a low noise and precise contact to the floor. Using principles carried over from LAS-CC and designed for high stability and capacity.
Please also refer to LAS-Amp XM series which uses LAS-CF.

Available for audio stands
M8 thread
Dimensions: 50mm height , 50mm diameter
Supplied in sets of 4 - weight capacity 85 Kg

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DCP Platforms

DCP Concert Platforms
With the addition of DCP Direct Contact Platforms owners of LAS-4 Concert/Integral and LAS-AV, are able to realise higher performance possibilities.

DCP Concert platforms connect directly into the unique structure of the LAS-4 series, giving the LATERAL audio stand a compelling performance level.

Flexibility is important and possible, with each tier accepting a DCP platform, and positionable for the most sensitive component, be it transport, DAC, intergated or pre-amp.