LAS-9 Cadenz
LAS-9 Cadenz Vr

With a modular and contemporary design, Cadenz and Cadenz Vr provide a high performance for your audio system.
Audio components require a harmonious 'low noise' audio surface to perform near their full potential, and LAS-9 Cadenz uses techniques that reduce and dissipate energy away from the player. 

The audio surface of the LAS-9 Cadenz and Cadenz Vr employ a vibration absorbing 'Dissipation Array', which dissipates and reduces levels of harmful energy which sit below the audio player.

Cadenz Vr adds veneer finishes to the audio surface and a further array of 'energy breaker' slots, which can be seen through the top surface.
With sustainably sourced FSC certified veneers the finishes available are: oak, black oak, maple and walnut.

Leg spacers are available in four heights, which are selectable to match the wide range of audio players heights, slimiline, mid height or high.

Each leg spacer has an insert at each end, which was developed to have a siginificantly low noise level, and which also provides a very stable support for the stand. This is particularly important for taller stands, 5T & 6T, and beneficial for heavier turntable setups.

The design and performance of the stand enables a wide and rich stereo image where music is allowed to breathe, with a mid range which is open and spacious.
Test systems easily proved their potential with Cadenz, displaying a capability beyond its price range, even allowing its use in high price systems.

Select leg spacing options: for total stand height and your required player heights.
120mm(4.72"), 160mm(6.3"), 220mm(8.7"), 280mm(11")

Cadenz audio surface size: 620mm(24.4") x 455mm(17.9")
Cadenz finish options: Flat black, White

Cadenz Vr audio surface size: 600mm (23.6") x 455mm (17.9")
Cadenz Vr veneer options: FSC certified wood veneers
Black Oak

LAS-Counterpoint Spikes (shown in the main image)

Weight capacity
Cadenz: 25 Kg (55 lbs)
Cadenz Vr: 30 Kg (66 lbs)

Reviewed Hi-Fi+ Issue 199

Awarded Winner HiFi+ 2021

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